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Persian Manuscript - Mahabharata

Persian manuscript on paper, probably Kashmir, end of XVIII or beginning of XIX century. 208 numbered leaves. Leaf dimensions: mm. 280 x 190; text panel: 213 x 122 mm.. 31 lines per page, written in a n_a_s_t_a_rl_Tq_ _script in black ink. Some titles and marked in red ink. Almost every text page lies within red frames. Five pages with illuminated headings and 40 miniatures in colours and gold. Some spaces arranged for miniatures were left blank. Painted laquered binding. The manuscript is in very good conditions.This text is a Persian translation of parts of the great Indian epics M_a_h_ab_h_ar_a_t_a_, most probably an abridged copy of the R_a_z_m_n_am_e_h_, a translation of the Mahabharata commissioned by the Mughal emperor Akbar.